1. Parts in Z PLM

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Z PLM provides comprehensive support for managing parts and part related information. Parts are governed by version and revision capability of Z PLM.

Part in Z PLM is a versatile object and typically has relationships several other objects to represent and support different business processes throughout the product lifecycle.


In addition to the above, parts in Z PLM also have associated process plans, FMEAs, requirements, specifications and others, although it is not necessary to have a part to work on those types of data.

Part Attributes

Z PLM offers easy as well as flexible approach to part attribute management. Below picture shows various attributes of the part in different sections. Administrators of the system can use Metadata Editor to add and change attribute definition.




Attachments (Files and other structured forms (FMEA…) can also be related to the part. Facilities to manage part related attachments are available in the “Attachments” tab of the part.




Suppliers for the part can be managed with facilities available to add and edit Supplier related information under the “Suppliers” tab as shown below




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