ZPLM on Public Cloud Platforms

If ZPLM is a breath of fresh air, ZPLM for Public Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform) is a gale force wind ready to take down real and artificial constraints enforced by technological, economic and marketing limitations.

ZPLM is designed from ground up to take advantage of public cloud platforms' services and related security, compliance, scalability, performance and cost-effectiveness advantages.

In addition, ZPLM on public cloud platforms gives you unparalleled freedom and flexibility, including the following

Get Started in Minutes

Launch ZPLM on Public Cloud Platforms and get started in 2 minutes or less

No Contracts to Sign

The Heading Says It All

Pay Only for Usage

Pay Only for Related AWS Compute and Storage Resources

Highly Scalable

Designed for Highly Scalable AWS Database and Storage Services

Unlimited Users

Use It for One User, Ten Users, or Tens of Thousands of Users

Use it for One Hour, One Day…

or Tens of Years