ZPLM for High-tech Component Manufacturers

Engineering Change Management

High-tech component manufacturers have to work with large number of customers and their unique requirements. Accommodating these unique requirements quickly and cost-effectively is the key to winning new business. Effective change management processes are needed to coordinate activities across functions to support customer requirements and to implement customer specific product and process changes. ZPLM inherently supports collaborative engineering change management processes that are ideal for High-tech component manufacturers.

Design Win Process

Design win process is fundamental to the success of high-tech component designers and manufacturers. Design win process requires effective coordination of design, engineering, contract manufacturing, testing, supply chain and logistics teams to be able to quickly turnaround and provide a winning and profitable proposal for design win. ZPLM is the ideal solution for coordinating the design win process for high-tech component manufacturers.

Continuous Improvement Processes

Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of high quality products. ZPLM has out of the box cross-functional process templates for product/process improvement requestscustomer complaintswarranty requestsreturn materialscorrective action requestsnon-conformances and deviations. In addition, ZPLM supports different types of root cause analyses as part of continuous improvement processes.