6. User Preferences

Z PLM offers several user preference options so that users can customize Z PLM for their needs.  

6. Search Capabilities in Z PLM

Z PLM includes support for finding information using text search as well as structured queries. Quick Search Searching for information is as simple as 1, 2 and 3 The result of the above search are listed below Advanced Search Advanced Search allows you to fine tune your search using structured queries based on the attributes […]

4. Version, Revision and Release Management

Z PLM supports comprehensive product information lifecycle management through the use of versions, revisions and a release process. Since Z PLM is multi-user system it minimizes conflicts (and overwriting changes) through the use of Check-in and Check-out process. The following picture shows the lifecycle management concepts used for parts, files and forms in Z PLM. […]

5. Repository in Z PLM

Z PLM includes facilities for managing personal and enterprise/supply chain data in an easy and controlled manner with My Repository and Common Repository. My Repository is usually used by users for managing data before it is ready for sharing with others in the organization or the supply chain. Common Repository on the other hand is […]

2. Types of Data in Z PLM

Z PLM Supports 3 primary types of data to support product development and lifecycle management. Part Part data object represents different forms of parts that are used to buy, make and sell products. Part object includes a rich set information, including attributes, purchasing and sales information as well as any related documents and forms Form […]

1. Getting Started with ZPLM

ZPLM supports a number of well developed and robust product lifecycle management processes in an integrated fashion to support effective and cross-functional product lifecycle management. ZPLM provides rich capabilities for Product Lifecycle Management and related workflow management. Most of the interaction with ZPLM is usually as a user working on different facets of Product Lifecycle […]