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ZPLM supports a number of well developed and robust product lifecycle management processes in an integrated fashion to support effective and cross-functional product lifecycle management. ZPLM provides rich capabilities for Product Lifecycle Management and related workflow management.

Most of the interaction with ZPLM is usually as a user working on different facets of Product Lifecycle Management during design, manufacturing and quality planning and change management as well as participating and completing process (change management, corrective actions, continuous improvement) related activities.

There are a couple of ways you become a user of a ZPLM system.

  • Your ZPLM Admin adds you as a user
  • Your ZPLM Admin invites you as a user

If your ZPLM Admin invited you as a user you should have gotten the email with password and link to the system. You can login into the system with those credentials.


The system will prompt you (when invited) to change password when you first log into the system


The default home screen is designed to make it easy for you to pay attention to and finish what is important. And typically they are related to data, processes and activities. Following picture shows the default home page of Z PLM.



My Activities

My activities tile in the Home Page list all the activities (process workflow activities) that the user is expected to complete. Users can select

Selecting the Process Link will take the user to the Process Info page as shown below. Users can then complete the activity from the Process Info page.

My Processes

My processes tab lists processes that you initiated as well as process in which you are a participant.



Selecting the process link takes you to the process page where you can complete process activities or process review information.

My Data

My Data lists data (parts, documents and forms) that you checked out for editing. You can learn more about data management and related capabilities of Z PLM here.


Users have the option to check-in data as well as add data to repository.

My Logs

My logs lists all of your activities, including system level, across all of Z PLM.





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