1. Engineering Change Request

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Z PLM includes a standard engineering change request process that can be used out of the box to request engineering changes. However, it is also possible to quickly create an engineering change request process from ground up using the process template designer.


Creating the Engineering Change Request


Users with appropriate permission can create Engineering Change Requests. Users are prompted to fill the ECR fields and create the process as shown below. Organizations can design custom ECR forms and related fields that fit their business and process needs using the Metadata Editor.


Once the ECR form data is entered users can press the “Create” to create the ECR.

An ECR in Z PLM is process object that comes with significant capabilities, including

  • Ability to include existing and create new data (usually parts, files and structured forms such as FMEA) that is potentially affected
  • Configurable workflow activities, including preparation, review, approval, notification and others
  • Workflow roles that perform workflow activities
  • People that take on workflow roles to complete workflow activities


Starting the ECR Process



Adding or including data to ECR

Users have the capability to include existing parts to the ECR object as shown below. Other types of data that is potentially affected by the ECR can also be included or added to the ECR process data

When the ECR is submitted the system driven workflow takes over and routes the ECR to appropriate people so that they can complete ECR workflow tasks (analysis, review, approvals, etc.). The activities show up in the My Activities card of the Home Page.

Completing ECR Process Activities

Users can complete the ECR activities from the ECR process info page as shown below


Once all the activities are completed the ECR process will be closed and the process completed. Z PLM allows creation or initiation of

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